Elliot Klyne

As a Consultant, I take a lead role in running many of SG Strategy’s media and events projects in the retail, e-commerce and consumer space, including commercial due diligence, market entry and growth strategy. I’ve also gained significant experience from working on media assets in the technology, energy and future transport industries.

Since joining the company, I have enjoyed getting to know our clients and their unique opportunities and in particular, getting under the skin of new markets and challenges. I find that a curious and collaborative approach to problem-solving drives me to go the extra mile.

In my spare time, I am a student of chess and poker strategy, with a particular interest in what we can learn from watching computers play games. At the weekend, I enjoy walks in nature during the day and rock concerts during the evenings (to get away from all the noise).

Education: BA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

What inspires me: My brother, who helps me aim high

Email: elliot.klyne@sg-strategy.com