David Phippard

As a Project Leader, I run a wide range of projects for our clients, managing workstreams such as quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis and integration. Our work builds up answers to complex problems by scrutinising client data, consolidating industry information and conferring with market experts.

Since joining SG STRATEGY, I have enjoyed working on various types of projects focusing on a wide range of B2B and consumer media. Projects have ranged from commercial and vendor due diligence, pricing and turnaround strategy to product innovation and launch. I greatly enjoy the collaborative, structured and rigorous approach taken by the team.

When not at work, you will probably find me playing cards, music or a range of sports in a strictly amateur capacity.

Education: MMath, University of Oxford

What inspires me: Passions and ideas of others; the feeling of finally grasping a new concept

Email: david.phippard@sg-strategy.com