Christoph Schedl

As founder and director, I oversee our company’s growth and am involved in most of our larger, strategic projects. I specifically enjoy working with our clients on strategic challenges and assessing new targets in the B2B media and events space.

I have always been interested in media, economics and current affairs, which led me from studying Business Administration and writing my PhD thesis about strategy development in political parties, to working for a media company and running a radio station. Later on, I discovered strategy consulting – with its inspirational clients and mentors, ever-evolving client challenges and constant deadlines. I worked as a Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and later re-focused on the media industry when working for Ocean Strategy.

A holiday in Cuba in 2013, an amazing country but with little if any opportunities for young people, was a good reminder of all the freedom and possibilities our lives in the free world offer. Together with a colleague, I launched SG (Space Global) Strategy, to provide blue-chip strategy advice for the global B2B media and events industry. Since then, thanks to our remarkable team of consultants, we have worked with many of the most successful players and private equity investors. I particularly enjoy experiencing progress in and with our team – e.g. young associates quickly moving up the consulting ladder, long-term clients recommending us to their peers, or opening our New York office.

When not at work, you will probably find me outdoors with our whippet Jack, meeting family or friends in Austria or London, or ‘doing stuff’ in or around our old farmhouse in Italy.

Education: PhD, Vienna University of Economics and Business

What inspires me: Seeing people giving their very best – on stage, in sports, in business or any other profession